Happy as a Clam

Hope carried out one-to-one training with  my 11 month old, rather hyper, Labrador, Molly, over a two week period.
My partner and I had done a lot of training with her, including classes but we were starting to get frustrated, her recall was fairly good most of the time, but not great with too many distractions around! We struggled with waking to heel, and stopping her jumping up. I discussed with Hope the problems we were having, and she worked specifically on these with Molly, plus general manners and training. Hope kept in touch with us with email updates, including videos throughout.
When we collected Molly, Hope discussed her progress with us, before bringing Molly out and showing us how she was. There was a clear improvement in all aspects of things. Hope watched us working with Molly - heel work and recall, and gave us some pointers on how to continue to maintain the progress made and further improve it. 
As a veterinary surgeon myself I have limited experience training dogs, but plenty of experience of seeing people working with animals. Hope worked very well with Molly, in a calm but firm manner and I had no doubts about her ability to look after my dog or in her effective training. I highly recommend Hope for dog training.

Catherine & Molly

In April I decided to go for it and book my Echo in for training. Echo is a GSD, she is just a year old but was an absolute nightmare on lead when we were out. We just couldn't walk her anymore because she was so strong so I bit the bullet and decided to get a trainer that had knowledge of GSD dogs. Having met Hope I explained Echo was really pulling on the lead and got to the point I just couldn't walk walk her at all after my finger got broken. After a week the difference in Echo was absolutely amazing! She was calmer, she walked on lead to was like picking a different dog up. But you have to remember the hard work starts when your home doing tour own walks, but it's been worth it.

I would most definitely recommend Hope. She's very informative, thorough and understanding with different situations within the house hold. She understands the dogs and definitely clicked with Echo to the point I think she missed Hope! 

Emma & Echo

Xan my German Shepherd was bought as a trained pet dog at six months of age, he was trained by Hope Merrick and I can’t say enough good things about how well trained he was from the off and how easy it has been to look after him and to continue his training with all of that in place.
On deciding on and first meeting Xan I was told it would be a couple of weeks before I could pick him up, I was asked by Hope on what aspects of Xan’s training I would like her to focus on during that period. From then until I picked Xan up Hope kept me updated every few days with photographs and information on how he was getting along in his training.
On the handover Hope went through all the training she had undertaken with Xan including walking to heel, sit, lie down, stay and recall amongst other things demonstrating in an easy and informative manner the methods she used and how I should continue them. The whole process was so easy and hassle free and that’s mainly down to all the hard work Hope put in training Xan, making my life as a dog owner so easy now. Based on my experience I would not hesitate to recommend Hope to anyone looking to have their dog trained to a high level.

Matthew & Xan



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